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TGTHR’s First Youth Enterprise Award

We are excited to launch the Youth Enterprise Award for the first time ever at TGTHR! The Youth Enterprise Award recognizes a young person between the ages of 12 and 24 who is a participant of TGTHR programming, has overcome personal adversity, is creating positive change in their lives, and demonstrates exceptional work towards pursuing a personal goal. The award, which comes with $2,500.00, is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and dreams of TGTHR’s program participants.

The Youth Enterprise Award is unique because it is an opportunity to financially support and publicly acknowledge exceptional work of the young people in our program. We will honor two program participants annually at the organization’s two main fundraising events: The Gala and Sleep Out.

Our first Youth Enterprise awardee is Connor from 1440 Pine! Connor is starting her own business that supports youth and adults with disabilities. Her business will bring awareness to the experiences of people who have autism. In addition to starting this business, attending school, and working, she is an amazing artist that makes her own clothes. Connor’s apartment is filled with amazing projects that she creates. She offered to facilitate art classes for the residents and share her sewing skills to create healthy coping opportunities. As well, Connor has volunteered to speak on behalf of her peers, and her testimony may help pass the Colorado Homeless Youth Services Act. Despite living in Boulder, she takes the bus to Denver several times a week for school and her job at the art gallery. Regardless of how much she has going on, she never seems to get frustrated or discouraged. We are grateful to know such an inspiring human being! We wish her so much success and fulfillment as she moves forward through her life.

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