Breona Byrd, she/herYouth Leadership Development Coordinator - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Breona Byrd, she/her
Youth Leadership Development Coordinator

Breona Byrd recently moved from Baltimore, Maryland and loves sharing her east coast experiences and traditions with the youth and staff. With a true excitement for working closely with young people, she knew coming to TGTHR would be a great opportunity. She has over ten years of experience working with youth and is passionate about advocating for them and their future. Helping our young people find different ways to engage by introducing them to new things, is what she looks forward to most each day. As Youth Leadership Development Coordinator, Breona helps provide opportunities to uplift youth voices and empower them to step into positions of leadership. In addition, she facilitates many groups across programs, such as the B.I.P.OC. group, the 1440 Tenant Association, as well as an employment assistance group at The Source. Groups like these help create an inclusive environment, allow opportunities for peer support and strengthen the existing sense of community TGTHR cultivates in its current programming.


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