Zack Siddall, he/himStreet Outreach Manager - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Zack Siddall, he/him
Street Outreach Manager

Originally from Michigan Zack Siddall has spent the vast majority of his adult life outside of the US working for nonprofits and study abroad. His nonprofit work took him to refugee camps in Greece, a rural high school in Rwanda with the Peace Corps, post natural disaster Haiti, Puerto Rico, New York. His study abroad work with teens took him across Latin America, back to Rwanda and throughout China, Tibet and Kyrgyzstan. When he moved to Colorado in 2019, he got really involved in immigrant rights groups and volunteering with a variety of organizations addressing affordable housing and homelessness. As the Street Outreach Manager Zack is out in the community multiple days a week connecting with youth and adults experiencing homelessness and partnering with our amazing group of volunteers, local nonprofits, city officials and faith-based institutions.

Direct: 303.317.3426

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