Pride Month 2024 at TGTHR - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Pride Month 2024 at TGTHR

Our community is strongest when we all come together. We Show Up With Pride

June is Pride Month, which celebrates the lives, accomplishments, and talents of the LGBTQ+ community. All people deserve to be seen, heard, and affirmed, and although we practice that each day at TGTHR, June is an opportune time to rally once more around our LGBTQ+ friends to uplift them, show support, and share the larger message that all people matter.

The LGBTQ+ community has always been resilient in the face of adversity. From Stonewall to the Supreme Court, we have united with our allies to secure the rights we all deserve. In 2024, as we celebrate the progress we’ve achieved, we are also reminded why it’s more important than ever to join together as a community.

During Pride Month and beyond, it’s critical to keep in mind all aspects of allyship. From defeating anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and championing pro-equality elected officials to celebrating the joy, resilience, and beauty that LGBTQ+ people showcase every day. 

TGTHR’s mission is to end youth homelessness, and a huge piece of supporting young people facing homelessness is ensuring every single individual feels supported and safe in our space and celebrated for being themselves. LGBTQ+ youth are four times more likely than their heterosexual, cisgender peers to experience homelessness. Last year 34% of youth accessing TGTHR services identified as LGBTQ+ and we understand the importance of fostering a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment for every person we meet.

This month you can find TGTHR at the Longmont, Lafayette, and Boulder Pride Fests — come say hi & support our LGBTQ+ friends! In addition, TGTHR is doing some internal things to recognize Pride Month for our staff and program participants. 

Some things we can all do to support, learn, and actively get engaged this Pride Month:

  • Connect with Community:
      • Attend your local Pride Fest & other events hosted by LGBTQ+ allies. See Rocky Mountain Equality’s events this month.
      • Change often stems from thoughtful dialogue that not only involves sharing information but also truly listening. To be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community means speaking up on its behalf and engaging in conversations with those who possess different viewpoints, partake in harmful misinformation, and or may just be unaware of the current challenges plaguing the queer community. By talking with others openly about the struggles of LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as the joys, you can help amplify the stories of the queer community, while inviting others to experience a glimpse of someone else’s journey.
  • Incorporate Inclusive Language Into Your Life:
      • LGBTQ+ individuals are everywhere – our schools, our places of worship, our work environments, our communities. According to a recent Gallup Poll, more than 7 percent of Americans now identify as something other than heterosexual, a nearly 4 percent jump from 2012. Taking small, meaningful steps to create inclusive environments for all can help others feel welcome, especially through language. From learning more about the importance of understanding pronouns to incorporating gender-neutral language in spoken and written communications, signaling to others that you embrace all identities can open the metaphorical floor for others to ask questions or reflect on their own language choices.
  • Drive Policy:
      • Vote in every election.
      • Members of the CO General Assembly not only have a responsibility to create and pass legislation but also to connect with and listen to constituents about the issues that matter to them most. Contacting your State Representative or Senator, whether by phone, email, or postal service, regarding anti-LGBTQ+ legislation can help lawmakers drive impactful bills forward OR stop policies that harm minority communities.
  • Read Literature Written By & Centering The LGBTQ+ Community:

At TGTHR, we ask that all of our employees and board of directors make a commitment to continued education of social justice, especially the intersection of youth homelessness and race, gender, sexuality, ability, immigration, and socioeconomics. We know that justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) work is an ongoing process that requires self-reflection, accountability, and consistent attention. For this reason, we formed a JEDI Committee that will advance and ensure justice, equity, diversity and inclusion within TGTHR and its communities. Read TGTHR’s JEDI charter here.

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