TGTHR’s 10th Sleep Out to End Youth Homelessness

TGTHR’s 10th Annual Sleep Out to End Youth Homelessness

Year after year, hundreds of individuals pledge to Sleep Out for youth experiencing homelessness on one night each year. With only a sleeping bag, those courageous individuals sleep outside no matter the weather to raise awareness of youth homelessness and to raise funds that support the young people at TGTHR.

The Sleep Out event allows community members to make a meaningful impact while gaining perspective, and getting a small glimpse into some of the harsh realities that youth experiencing homelessness face every night. This fundraising event is designed to spark conversation about the growing issue of youth homelessness, as well as raise critical funds for the programs at TGTHR.

Next Sleep Out — April 2022

(We’ve moved this annual event from November to April. Stay tuned for updates after the 14th Annual Gala on September 11th 2021).

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