Virtual Sleep Out - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)


Your backyard, school lawn, or local park could be the perfect place to bring awareness to youth homelessness and raise funds to support the issue.

What is a Sleep Out?

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Join us as we work to be one of the first cities in the country where no young person is forced to live on the streets, and every young person has the chance to thrive.

Host a unique event with your friends that sparks conversation, shares the mission of TGTHR, and raises money to directly support youth experiencing homelessness.

BYour Sleep Out !


Hosting A SLEEP OUT is as easy as 1,2,3

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1. Plan Your Sleep Out

Once you've determined a Sleep Out is the right type of event for you, fill out our inquiry form to get started. A TGTHR staff will contact you to talk through details of what your Sleep Out can look like.

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2. Fundraise

You then can set up your Sleep Out fundraising page and invite your friends that you would like to Sleep Out with you. You and your fellow sleepers will then share with your networks to start raising money!

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3. Sleep Out

On the night of Sleep Out, you and your sleepers will bond and leave knowing you made a difference in the lives of many young people.



TGTHR will provide a toolkit for you filled with different ideas of what your Sleep Out can look like, examples of timelines, activities, social media graphics, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you submit an inquiry form, we will contact you to set up your Sleep Out fundraising page.
  • TGTHR has provided templated messaging within the donor template page. You can customize your page with any additional details found in your Sleeper Toolkit.
  • Once your donor page has been created, you will be able to set a fundraising goal and invite others to join your Sleep Out.
  • You and your fellow sleepers will then share with your networks to start raising money!
  • Not necessarily. If you would like to participate, but do not feel comfortable sleeping out, you can still join in the fundraising piece only. Create your donor page and share with your network to raise critical funds to support TGTHR’s programs.
  • We suggest having the following items for your night outdoors:
    • A Sleeping bag (winter temperate-grade is preferred)
    • Sleeping pad
    • Waterproof barrier (tarp or other similar material)
    • Pillow
    • Winter headgear (beanie, hat, earmuffs, face covering)
    • Winter jacket, rain jacket
    • Earplugs or earphones
    • Sleeping eye mask or face covering
    • Winter gloves or mittens
    • Well insulated clothing (base layers with waterproof outer layers)
    • Warm socks
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Small flashlight
    • Personal snacks

      Please do not bring:
      – Pets
      – Weapons
      – Tents
      – Alcohol/drugs

  • As this is a virtual event, we will work with the host leading up to the Sleep Out to ensure this event will run as safely and smoothly as possible for you and your fellow sleepers. We recommend that you pick a location that is safe and legal. This could include your backyard, floor in your living room, another friend’s house, or a location you have permission to be at.
  • At TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes), we are building a movement that galvanizes communities, empowers young people, and puts an end to youth homelessness. We won’t stop until every young person is valued, empowered and safe.
  • TGTHR is a social movement and non-profit working with courageous communities across the country to end youth homelessness. For youth between the ages of 12-24 we provide employment assistance, education programs, supportive housing, short-term housing, long-term housing navigation, support and inclusivity groups, family coaching services, life-skills development, mental and physical wellness support, and an array of individual and group activities.
  • TGTHR operates five main programs including Chase House, The Source, 1440 Pine, Transitional Living Programs, and Street Outreach. You can learn more about each of these programs HERE.
  • All funds raised will be used to directly support TGTHR’s general operating fund, which ensures our critical programs operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • $50 can provide a youth with recreation and socialization opportunities with peers
    • $100 can provide an hour of life-skills courses, like cooking and budgeting
    • $250 can support a youth as they prepare for their first job interview
    • $500 can furnish a first apartment for a youth
    • $1,000 can provide a youth with 20 hours of counseling, including family coaching
  • We ask that all Sleepers sign a waiver form. We allow the host to decide what age group they are including in their Sleep Out.