Host a Benefit - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

TGTHR at Your House

Combine your love to host with your passion
to end youth homelessness.

How do I bring TGTHR to my house?

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Host a personalized social gathering to share the mission and vision of TGTHR, and to ask for support.
This party can look however you want it to look!

In addition to time for you and your guests to socialize, your gathering can involve an informal presentation from a TGTHR teammate, an opportunity for small-group discussions, a monetary ask, or a volunteer component.

But don’t let us decide for your guests – you know them best!

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Hosting is as easy as 1,2,3

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1. Decide To Host

Gather your friends to either introduce them to your favorite nonprofit and/or ask them to financially support TGTHR’s mission.

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2. Host It

Pick a date, time, and place, arrange food and drink, invite your guests, and have a memorable night of impact!

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3. End on a High Note

Have an extra toast at the end of the night because you and your friends have come TGTHR to join the movement to end youth homelessness.



TGTHR will provide a toolkit for you filled with different ideas of what your benefit event can look like, examples of timelines, activities, a list of band names that can play during your event, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Print Gift Pledge Form.
  • Credit Card: Make your contribution on our online donation page.
  • Cash or Check: Make checks payable to TGTHR and attach the check to the Gift Pledge Form. (TGTHR will send the donor a receipt for tax purposes.)
  • Your guests may also contribute to the organization by making a gift of securities. Please click here for more information.
  • Select “TGTHR’s team members to attend” option on the inquiry form. They will make a 5-7 minute informal presentation followed by a Q&A. 
  • Utilize our Video Resources.

Whether you choose to collect gifts at your event and send them to TGTHR in one envelope or have your guests send their contributions directly to TGTHR after or during the event, please make sure that each guest completes the top portion of the Gift Pledge Form so they can be properly receipted for their gift. (Please do not combine gifts and send one check on behalf of your guests. Keep contributions separate with the individual Gift Pledge Forms.)

Have your guests complete the bottom portion of the Gift Pledge Form with their contact information and send it to TGTHR ℅ Amanda Clayton, 1440 Pine St. Suite B, Boulder CO 80302, along with your other forms. We will add their email address to our system to ensure that they receive our regular communications.

Send all donation checks, cash and Gift Pledge Forms to the following address TGTHR ℅ Amanda Clayton, 1440 Pine St. Suite B, Boulder CO 80302. Please include a note with your information so that we know these were donations that came from your house party.

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