Meet David (he/him/his) - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Meet David (he/him/his)

In late 2010, when TGTHR’s youth shelter opened, David was one of our first residents. He came to our shelter on New Year’s Eve, after running away to avoid being put into foster care. He stayed with us for two months until he turned 18. During his time with us, he successfully enrolled in Boulder High School and transitioned to living independently.

He is still in school and maintains consistent communication with our staff. He comes to visit on a regular basis and has given back through volunteering in our programs. He is doing really well in school and our staff continues to support him with homework. David also gets help on his homework from our tutor on Sundays. David has been working with our staff to increase his life skills, such as making a schedule and budgeting.

David graduated from Boulder High School this school year! We are so proud of the accomplishments he’s made and continue to be his support system. David is a great example of how The Source, our shelter, aids youth in getting back on their feet and into a stable and supported living situation.

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