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Meet Jack (he/him/his)

It’s been an intense year with COVID-19, polarized politics, protests, and reflecting and acting on ways to create an anti-racist country within our own community and organization. And at the same time, there are success stories. These stories help light the way through dark times, and we must remember to focus on these when life feels hard. There are still many things to celebrate. Today, we want to celebrate one of those success stories with you.

Jack first came to TGTHR when he was 17 years old. He spent 15 months living at Chase House before utilizing our Drop-In Shelter while trying to find his own footing. Today, Jack is part of our Transitional Living Program. He is 25 years old and is celebrating two years of sobriety. Jack is thriving and learning a lot of new skills while working for a local construction company. While many of his colleagues were laid off, Jack has proven himself to be a valuable employee and fast learner. Jack remains in close contact with our Transitional Living Program case manager and benefits from routine check ins with our staff on both his income and mental health. An entrepreneurial spirit, Jack wants to run his own business one day and is working diligently to gain the skills and stability he needs to achieve that goal. We are grateful to know such a wonderful human!

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