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Our Second Youth Enterprise Award Winner!

We are happy to announce our newest Youth Enterprise Award winner, A, who lives at the 1440 Pine. A handful of wonderful youth were nominated but after much deliberation, our selection committee chose A. Congratulations A!

The Youth Enterprise Award recognizes a young person between the ages of 18 and 24 who is a participant of TGTHR programming, has overcome personal adversity, is creating positive change in their lives, and demonstrates exceptional work towards pursuing a personal goal. The award, which comes with $2,500.00, is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and dreams of TGTHR’s program participants.

The Youth Enterprise Award is unique because it is an opportunity to financially support and publicly acknowledge exceptional work of the young people in our program. TGTHR honors two program participants each year: one at our Gala and one at our Sleep Out.

Here’s what the selection committee had to say:

“We really enjoyed discussing the impressive young people nominated for the Youth Enterprise Award. Based on the scoring criteria, one youth really stood out: A. We were so impressed with their personal strength, unique journey, and intentional pursuit of their goals and education. We were also impressed with their engagement in the community through the tenant council at 1440 Pine.”

Lastly, here’s what Carly, our Transition Specialist at 1440, had to say about A:

“A is a Rockstar!! Since moving into 1440, they have graduated high school, gained/maintained employment, enrolled in college, and been an amazing mama to their cat Smudge… all with a smile on their face! Their motivation, drive, and determination is an inspiration to us all!”

Stay tuned! In the spring, we will nominate another Youth Enterprise Award recipient and present their award at The Gala.

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