<b>Chris Nelson, he/him</b></br>Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chris Nelson, he/him
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

<b>Kristine Edwards, she/her</b></br>Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kristine Edwards, she/her
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

<b>Andrew Burwick, he/him</b></br>Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Andrew Burwick, he/him
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

<b>Elly Johnson, she/her</b></br>VP of Programs

Elly Johnson, she/her
VP of Programs

<b>Claire Cronin, PhD, LPC, NCC, RPT-S, she/her</b></br>Behavioral Health & Wellness Director

Claire Cronin, PhD, LPC, NCC, RPT-S, she/her
Behavioral Health & Wellness Director

<b>Megan Bruce, she/her</b></br>Director of Programs

Megan Bruce, she/her
Director of Programs

<b>Ashley Lee, she/her</b></br>Director of Development

Ashley Lee, she/her
Director of Development

<b>Alex Bergland, she/her</b></br>Director of Communications

Alex Bergland, she/her
Director of Communications

<b>Jes Hudgins, she/her</b></br>Director of Events & Community Engagement

Jes Hudgins, she/her
Director of Events & Community Engagement

<b>Cidnee Ray, she/her</b></br>Housing Program Manager

Cidnee Ray, she/her
Housing Program Manager

<b>Carynn Rudolph, she/her</b></br>The Source Program Manager

Carynn Rudolph, she/her
The Source Program Manager

<b>Shelby Logan, she/her</b></br>Chase House Program Manager

Shelby Logan, she/her
Chase House Program Manager

<b>Garrett Schilling, he/him</b></br>Street Outreach Manager

Garrett Schilling, he/him
Street Outreach Manager

<b>Tamara Fox, she/her</b></br>Grants Manager

Tamara Fox, she/her
Grants Manager

<b>John Thew, he/him</b></br>Business Manager

John Thew, he/him
Business Manager

<b>Ashley Langley, she/her</b></br>HR Generalist

Ashley Langley, she/her
HR Generalist

<b>Kathryn Quinn, she/her</b></br>Volunteer Manager

Kathryn Quinn, she/her
Volunteer Manager

<b>Carly Schotz, she/her</b></br>Transition Specialist

Carly Schotz, she/her
Transition Specialist

<b>Haley Ward, LSW, she/her</b></br>The Source Case Manager

Haley Ward, LSW, she/her
The Source Case Manager

<b>Kelly Dunn, they/them</b></br>Transitional Living Program Case Manager

Kelly Dunn, they/them
Transitional Living Program Case Manager

<b>Rita Dennhardt, she/her</b></br>Transitional Living Program Case Manager

Rita Dennhardt, she/her
Transitional Living Program Case Manager

<b>Karen Baker, she/her</b></br>Chase House Case Manager

Karen Baker, she/her
Chase House Case Manager

<b>Emma McKay, she/her</b></br>Data Coordinator

Emma McKay, she/her
Data Coordinator

<b>Connie Hernandez, she/her</b></br>Chase House Case Management Associate

Connie Hernandez, she/her
Chase House Case Management Associate

<b>Wes Wicklund, he/him</b></br>LTHERE Street Outreach Specialist

Wes Wicklund, he/him
LTHERE Street Outreach Specialist

<b>Max Stebelton, he/him</b></br>LTHERE Mental Health Outreach Worker

Max Stebelton, he/him
LTHERE Mental Health Outreach Worker

<b>Leah Hobart, she/her</b></br>LTHERE Street Outreach Coordinator

Leah Hobart, she/her
LTHERE Street Outreach Coordinator

<b>Matthew Ransom, he/him</b></br>BTHERE Peer Advocate Outreach Worker

Matthew Ransom, he/him
BTHERE Peer Advocate Outreach Worker

<b>Eliza Carey, she/her</b></br>Executive Assistant

Eliza Carey, she/her
Executive Assistant

<b>Kevin Fitzgibbons, he/him</b></br>Facilities Coordinator

Kevin Fitzgibbons, he/him
Facilities Coordinator

Board of Directors

<b>Ed Victor, He/Him</b></br>Chair

Ed Victor, He/Him

<b>Niki Thomas, She/Her</b></br>Vice Chair

Niki Thomas, She/Her
Vice Chair

<b>Colby Stilson, He/Him</b></br>Treasurer

Colby Stilson, He/Him

<b>Amanda Cole, She/Her</b></br>Secretary

Amanda Cole, She/Her

<b>Mark Bouzek, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Mark Bouzek, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Evan Faber, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Evan Faber, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Betsy Fordyce, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Betsy Fordyce, She/Her
Board Member

<b>Stuart Lord, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Stuart Lord, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Marci Lucadam, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Marci Lucadam, She/Her
Board Member

<b>Ema Lyman, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Ema Lyman, She/Her
Board Member

<b>Tom Romine, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Tom Romine, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Sandra Weeks, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Sandra Weeks, She/Her
Board Member