Our Team - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)


<b>Spencer Downing, he/him</b></br>Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Spencer Downing, he/him
Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

<b>Kristine Edwards, she/her</b></br>Chief Operating Officer

Kristine Edwards, she/her
Chief Operating Officer

<b>Elly Johnson, she/her</b></br>Chief Program Officer

Elly Johnson, she/her
Chief Program Officer

<b>Andrew Burwick, he/him</b></br>Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew Burwick, he/him
Chief Strategy Officer

<b>John Thew, he/him</b></br>Chief Financial Officer

John Thew, he/him
Chief Financial Officer

<b>Megan Bruce, she/her</b></br>Director of Programs

Megan Bruce, she/her
Director of Programs

<b>Claire Cronin, PhD, LPC, NCC, RPT-S, she/her</b></br>Director of Behavioral Health & Wellness

Claire Cronin, PhD, LPC, NCC, RPT-S, she/her
Director of Behavioral Health & Wellness

<b>Alex Bergland, she/her</b></br>Director of Communications

Alex Bergland, she/her
Director of Communications

<b>Cidnee Ray, she/her</b></br>Housing Program Manager

Cidnee Ray, she/her
Housing Program Manager

<b>Carynn Rudolph, she/her</b></br>The Source Program Manager

Carynn Rudolph, she/her
The Source Program Manager

<b>Shelby Logan, she/her</b></br>Chase House Program Manager

Shelby Logan, she/her
Chase House Program Manager

<b>Kristen Bicknell, she/her</b></br>Individual Giving Manager

Kristen Bicknell, she/her
Individual Giving Manager

<b>Tamara Fox, she/her</b></br>Grants Manager

Tamara Fox, she/her
Grants Manager

<b>Amanda Clayton, she/her</b></br>Senior Manager of Events and Community Engagement

Amanda Clayton, she/her
Senior Manager of Events and Community Engagement

<b>Keith Macfarlane, he/him</b></br>Salesforce Administrator & Data Manager

Keith Macfarlane, he/him
Salesforce Administrator & Data Manager

<b>Zack Siddall, he/him</b></br>Street Outreach Manager

Zack Siddall, he/him
Street Outreach Manager

<b>Eliza Carey, she/her</b></br>Business Manager

Eliza Carey, she/her
Business Manager

<b>Carly Schotz, she/her</b></br>Transition Specialist

Carly Schotz, she/her
Transition Specialist

<b>Meg Genevie, she/her</b></br>Transition Specialist

Meg Genevie, she/her
Transition Specialist

<b>Rita Dennhardt, she/her</b></br>Transitional Living Program Case Manager

Rita Dennhardt, she/her
Transitional Living Program Case Manager

<b>Hannah LaChance, she/her</b></br>Transitional Living Program Case Manager

Hannah LaChance, she/her
Transitional Living Program Case Manager

<b>Rachel Coates, she/her</b></br>The Source Case Manager

Rachel Coates, she/her
The Source Case Manager

<b>Giles Talley, he/him</b></br>Drop-In Coordinator

Giles Talley, he/him
Drop-In Coordinator

<b>Emily Weinberg, she/her</b></br>Bookkeeper

Emily Weinberg, she/her

<b>Connie Hernandez, she/her</b></br>Chase House Case Management Associate

Connie Hernandez, she/her
Chase House Case Management Associate

<b>Marcus Liberman, he/him</b></br>Lead Tenant Support Staff

Marcus Liberman, he/him
Lead Tenant Support Staff

<b>Kevin Fitzgibbons, he/him</b></br>Facilities Coordinator

Kevin Fitzgibbons, he/him
Facilities Coordinator

TGTHR also has many dedicated Youth Support and Tenant Support Staff that not only provide support and care to the young people in our programs, but also ensure the programs remain open and operational year-round. Without all our staff, this work could not get done!

Board of Directors

<b>Amanda Cole, She/Her</b></br>Chair

Amanda Cole, She/Her

<b>Colby Stilson, He/Him</b></br>Vice Chair

Colby Stilson, He/Him
Vice Chair

<b>Betsy Fordyce, She/Her</b></br>Secretary

Betsy Fordyce, She/Her

<b>Tyrone Gant, He/Him</b></br>Treasurer

Tyrone Gant, He/Him

<b>Devin Billingsley, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Devin Billingsley, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Evan Faber, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Evan Faber, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Stuart Lord, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Stuart Lord, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Ema Lyman, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Ema Lyman, She/Her
Board Member

<b>Carey Mason, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Carey Mason, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Tom Romine, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Tom Romine, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Ed Victor, He/Him</b></br>Board Member

Ed Victor, He/Him
Board Member

<b>Sandra Weeks, She/Her</b></br>Board Member

Sandra Weeks, She/Her
Board Member