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Ema Lyman, She/Her
Board Member

Born and raised in Chile, Ema Lyman immigrated to the US in 1980 and continued studies in Architecture/Design, graduated from CU 1982 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design. Stayed in Boulder, married, had 3 children who went through various schools at BVSD. Became involved with all schools as volunteer and noted demographic changes in the area, regarding incoming second language learner population and increase in low socio-economic levels. Divorced in 1994 and worked as an Interior Designer in the Metro Denver and surrounding areas for ten years, while continuing to volunteer at schools and at the Boulder Library (ESL classes through the Outreach Program). My interests and social justice engagement grew to the point where I decided to switch careers, gaining employment at the Boulder Valley School District since 2000, while going back to CU and earning a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education in 2009. I’ve held various positions within BVSD, and currently I am the McKinney Vento Specialist (tending to students undergoing a lack of fixed, regular or adequate nighttime situation/challenge) and Child Welfare Liaison (tending to students in foster care). I have been a board member of Reading to End Racism and later the YWCA, which further empowered me to support my community and the under-represented segments of the population. I am currently a board member for “Impact on Education” and I’m delighted to be a new member of TGTHR. I have aligned my professional and personal values, interests and efforts in a very cohesive manner. I enjoy being an active member of my community, and engage by participating in various endeavors, programs, initiatives, etc. I enjoy my three adult children and my 3 grandchildren, who have remained in the area. I like cooking & baking, listening to all kinds of music, visiting mainly art museums and socializing with various groups of dear friends. It truly is an honor and a privilege to be a board member for TGTHR!

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