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Thank You To All Our Volunteers

Despite COVID-19 and all that has meant for changes in daily life, the incredible volunteers of TGTHR have continued to provide support to the young people in our programs. Meal donations to our programs increased over 50% in the first two months after the COVID-19 shut down in March. The outpouring of support was incredible with everything from home cooked meals to delivery from restaurants which was loved by our youth and so very helpful to our direct care staff. Amazing folks also came out of the woodwork to donate needed items, including everything from art supplies, games, clothing, personal hygiene products to homemade masks. We’ve also been thankful to have a handful of volunteers help do some much needed weed control and yard care at Chase House.

In August, about ten volunteers helped distribute delicious to go meals for the attendees of our virtual Gala and helped sort bags and bags of clothing donations. Since settling into our new normal, our volunteers have continued to help in various ways, one of those being tutoring both online and in person to help youth stay on track and navigate the world of virtual classes. Residents at 1440 Pine have continued to enjoy art sessions on Fridays with a volunteer. Several clinical interns have been an essential support to staff during this time by offering in person or virtual counseling and group sessions to those youth in need of extra support.

Most recently, we have resumed our Street Outreach program led by Drop-In Coordinator, Ashley Hardick. Ashley and our team of four outreach volunteers headed into the Boulder community twice a week. We’re back to distributing items needed for survival and re-establishing our relationships with youth on the street. Everyone has been very grateful of the return of our Outreach Team and are finding great value of this resource. TGTHR is so deeply thankful for the continued support of our amazing volunteers and donors. We cannot wait until the day we can fully welcome everyone back into our programs!

We wish you love, warmth, and ease this fall season.

Until next month,

TGTHR Staff and Board of Directors

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