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Working TGTHR in a Unique Way to Help the Community

At TGTHR, those in our community that choose to donate either their time, their money, or resources for the youth we support are an integral part of succeeding in our organization’s mission of ending youth homelessness.

Whether it’s attending and participating at TGTHR’s annual Gala, providing items for donation drives, or giving their time to volunteer at the TGTHR office, there is a unique opportunity for every individual to contribute however they so choose.

For 13-year-old, Natalie, and her father Andrew, furthering TGTHR’s mission of ending youth homelessness looked a little bit different than the average donation.

Natalie recently celebrated Bat Mitzvah. In the Jewish faith, a Bat Mitzvah is known as a ‘coming of age ceremony’, signifying an individual becoming an adult and becoming responsible for their actions within their community. Natalie’s father Andrew explained that there is traditionally a giving component involved in Bat Mitzvahs, either to the individual being celebrated or to a charitable cause chosen by the individual and their family. This tradition of giving back at a Bat Mitzvah is called ‘tzedakah in Hebrew.

Natalie had a giving spirit and decided to honor the tradition of tzedakah, and chose TGTHR as the organization to receive donations on behalf of her Bat Mitzvah. By sending out an email with a link that allowed friends and family to donate, Natalie raised over $3,750.

Both Natalie and her father Andrew admitted to being surprised by the amount of money her event was able to raise and expressed gratitude to those in their community who chose to respond to Natalie’s challenge to give back.

When asked what motivated her to choose TGTHR as the nonprofit to receive donations through her Bat Mitzvah, Natalie explained that a personal desire to better the lives of people her own age in her community inspired her choice.

“I learned that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference”, said Natalie when asked about what she had learned throughout this entire process.

Natalie’s compassionate spirit and unique giving strategy illustrate that there is always an opportunity to provide support to those around you and make meaningful community change, no matter how old you are. 

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