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Meet Addison (she/her/hers)

In September of last year, 17-year-old Addison found herself without a home after her parents could no longer afford the motel they were living in. At this point in her life, Addison was too familiar with instability. She wanted something different.

In an effort to make a better life for herself, she moved back to Boulder where she grew up, leaving the minimal support of her parents behind. After living out of her car for a few months, Addison came to The Source at TGTHR. Although she’d been able to secure a job, Addison couldn’t afford housing. She knew that she needed some help.

Addison worked closely with her Case Manager to set a concrete plan geared toward her dreams of finding a home, earning her diploma, and working in the medical field.

During Addison’s stay with TGTHR, she accomplished a lot. Addison received a promotion at work, consistently studied for her GED, and met with our clinician to address her struggles around building healthy relationships.

After making great progress towards her well-being, employment and education goals, Addison’s next step was to focus on housing. With the support of our Transitional Living Case Manager, Addison worked tirelessly on her housing application. She submitted it on her 18th birthday, and after a much anticipated 2-month wait, Addison was offered housing assistance. She moved into her first apartment in May of 2018.

Addison continues to work full-time and still comes to TGTHR every week for GED class. She is scheduled to take her GED tests in the New Year, moving her one step closer to her dream of entering the medical field.

Thanks to the security and support of TGTHR, this will be the first holiday season in years where Addison hasn’t had to worry if she’s going to have a safe place to sleep or a warm meal to eat. She is excited to decorate, celebrate with her friends, and enjoy the comfort of her first stable home for the holidays.

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