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Zach Graduates (he/him/his)

Zach recently passed all four GED tests required to receive his diploma, which was an extremely proud moment for Zach as well as everyone at The Source. After a couple of weeks of getting to know Zach we began talking about his future goals and general aspirations.
During these conversations he mentioned that he had been in college at one point and wanted to apply to CU Boulder. This prompted some digging into the admissions office where we learned Zach met all of the requirements except for the high school equivalency. After this realization I invited him to join the GED program and we immediately got to work.
After a lot of hard work, we determined he was ready for the big show. Zach was eager to take the tests, so we scheduled all four in a two day span and he aced them – passing them all and earning college credit in Science and Math! Afterwards we held a celebratory graduation ceremony for him at The Source. Now that Zach has his high school equivalency, he plans to apply to CU next semester. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I am excited to help him with the admissions application next fall!
As for the GED program, we currently have six students that have put in a total of 34 hours of study time. Youth have also passed six different GED tests and more tests are being planned in the coming weeks. The youth are working hard and excited about the possibility of getting their high school equivalency. Fortunately, this is just one of the many opportunities and resources The Source provides our Youth.
– Sean Vandermosten, GED Instructor at TGTHR
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