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Meet Johnathan (He, Him, His)

Johnathan came to The Source Drop-in Center in 2018 and again in 2019 after experiencing some legal issues that left him unemployed and homeless. He was at risk to go to prison for up to 5-years and needed a place to stay and find healing from the traumas he experienced in his life. Johnathan engaged with our support staff from the start. He has always been eager to find ways to better his situation and secure a successful future.

With the support of his Case Manager at The Source he applied to the 1440 Pine Apartment Building and housing program. He became one of the first few residents upon opening. At 1440, Johnathan completed all of his probation requirements by engaging in supportive services, setting goals for himself, and making his future a priority. As a result of his hard work, the felony charges were dropped. Johnathan has always been proactive in his progress while participating in our programs by asking questions and showing initiative.

Today, Jonathan is a new father, living in his own apartment outside of 1440 Pine. He’s been offered a new job and continues his work to enroll in a trade program with the help of his Case Manager. Johnathan is feeling ready and motivated to gain more independence in his life. He has expressed his gratitude for all of the support he has received from TGTHR programs when he stated, ” I appreciate everything, can’t imagine my life without the help. Thank you”.

If you or someone you know is experiencing youth homelessness, please refer them to The Source Drop-in Center.

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