Homelessness 101: Youth Homelessness with Boulder’s TGTHR - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Homelessness 101: Youth Homelessness with Boulder’s TGTHR

August 18, 2022

(Boulder, Colo.) Welcome to Homelessness 101, an explainer series breaking down homelessness in Boulder County and beyond. Here, we’ll explore the demographics, causes and solutions to homelessness. Much of what we’ll discuss relates to individual adults, so we’re starting by exploring two oft-ignored topics: Family and youth homelessness.

What is youth homelessness?

Exact definitions vary, but generally youth homelessness means anyone under age 25. Young adults under age 18 can be experiencing family homelessness or youth homelessness; generally the distinction has less to do with age than whether or not they are experiencing homelessness with a parent, guardian or adult caretaker, or on their own.

Youth who are homeless and without a parent, guardian or adult are sometimes referred to as unaccompanied youth, or unaccompanied minors. That can be because they left home or because their caregivers entered homeless services or criminal justice systems. 

“If you’re a parent with a teenager, the adult in this household might end up at the adult shelter, or they might end up in jail, or (Bridge House’s) Ready To Work” program, said Chris Nelson, CEO of Boulder-based TGTHR, which addresses youth homelessness…

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