Carly Schotz, she/herTransition Specialist - TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Carly Schotz, she/her
Transition Specialist

Carly Schotz has been working with TGTHR since 2018 and feels that our work has had a profound impact on her life. Carly has always been passionate about working with people with diverse life experiences and feels like she has met her match with TGTHR. Moving from The Source program to 1440 Pine has allowed Carly to continue being a part of each youth’s journey, offering guidance and support along the way. Seeing our youth turn their challenges into successes is what continues to inspire her. As a Transition Specialist, Carly helps program participants move into our supportive housing complex, 1440 Pine. In addition, she works with tenants on budgeting, provides ongoing case management and compliance monitoring, develops behavior plans, sets goals and objectives and much more, ultimately creating a community where all are welcome, safe and invited to contribute.

Direct: 303.413.9064

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