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TGTHR Youth, Aspen, Shares Story

Aspen, a 20-year-old living at TGTHR, has always wanted to go to college. But they were born with several medical issues, and like many other young adults, have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Of the money they do have, they use it to pay their medical fees and rent in Boulder.

Most of Aspen’s days are spent waking up early and heading to the bus stop to get to appointments with specialists in Aurora and Lone Tree. Last month, a friend gave them a ride to a medical appointment in Windsor.

“The bus here would have taken three hours. It would have been a trip down to Denver, taking the ‘north,’ which is a Bustang—so I can’t even afford it—and then taking another bus, and then a 15-minute walk. That wasn’t feasible,” they said.

The reality for many of these prospective students is that there’s just too much to balance between making ends meet and completing assignments.

Aspen moved to Denver from South Dakota when they were 18 after their parents said they would no longer pay Aspen’s medical bills or accept their identity as a nonbinary individual. Aspen then hopped between shelters until they found TGTHR, formerly known as Attention Homes, in Boulder.

With stable housing at TGTHR— where they’ve been for a year and a half— Aspen could focus on other aspects of their life and health.

“I got all my mental health and my medical stuff under control,” they said. “After that, I felt confident and comfortable that I will do good in school.”

We’re excited for Aspen to start classes at Front Range Community College this month! They want to get their medical assistant certificate – something they’ve dreamed of since they were young – and work at the local children’s hospital.

“I know that I can be an inspiration to other people, especially kids,” Aspen said. “(I want) to show them that even though life may not be OK right now, eventually, you’ll get to a spot where it will be OK.”


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