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Sleep Out 2022

Over the years, TGTHR’s annual Sleep Out event has brought together thousands of supporters and community members to fundraise and raise awareness for young people experiencing homelessness. Sleep Out 2022 was a very special year, in which the event gathered dozens of virtual participants all across the state of Colorado in addition to the 100+ in-person sleepers in downtown Boulder. Together, over $178,000 was raised to support TGTHR programs and services for youth experiencing homelessness. 

What is Sleep Out? Individuals sleep outside, overnight, to raise awareness that together, we can end youth homelessness. This event is not to demonstrate an experience of homelessness but to sleep out in solidarity with those in our community experiencing homelessness. Event participants are encouraged to talk about their experience, talk about how tired or cold they might be the next morning, or how hard it can be to do everyday things without the luxury of a morning shower, or a goodnight’s sleep. While it’s not the same experience, it does give a glimpse of the reality that if individuals in our community do not have their basic needs met, we need to come together to solve that issue. 

In addition to raising awareness and support, the event also shines a light on youth voices and experiences. Numerous young people were in attendance at the event, some shared their stories during program remarks, and TGTHR honored Tobio with the Youth Enterprise Award. This award recognizes a young person between the ages of 18 and 24 who participates in TGTHR’s programming, has overcome personal adversity, is creating positive change in their lives, and demonstrates exceptional work towards pursuing a personal goal. The Youth Enterprise Award is a unique opportunity to financially support and publicly acknowledge exceptional work by the young people in our programs. To hear more youth stories you can watch a short video here

We can’t end the causes of youth homelessness, but we can end the worst outcomes. Join us as we work to be one of the first cities in the country where no young person is living on the streets, and every young person has the chance to thrive. TGTHR is building a movement that galvanizes communities, empowers young people, and puts an end to youth homelessness.

Thank You Sleep Out Sponsors

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