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Sleep Out to End Youth Homelessness

TGTHR’s 11th annual Sleep Out event on September 21st, 2023 was a great success, bringing in over $78,000 to support youth facing homelessness!


Dozens gathered for an inspiring program featuring TGTHR youth reflecting on their experiences. We recognized Ian as this year’s Youth Enterprise Award recipient, heard directly from formerly homeless youth, held a moment of reflection, and ended the night sleeping out to get a small glimpse into some of the realities unhoused folks endure.



Year after year, hundreds of people have committed to sleeping outside, for one night, in support of the young people accessing services at TGTHR.

This impactful event gives you a small glimpse into some of the harsh realities our unhoused neighbors face and helps to inspire others to help end this solvable issue of youth homelessness.

By participating in Sleep Out, you prove that together we can ensure every young person in our community has a safe place to live, access to education, wellness, and a supportive community. Every dollar raised transforms the future of young people who’ve endured the realities of homelessness.

The Facts:
  • 4.2 million young people experience homelessness each year.
  • 1 in 30 youth (13-17 years of age) will endure some form of homelessness in year = 700,000 per year.
  • 1 in 10 transitional age youth (18-24 years of age) will endure some form of homelessness in a year = 3.5 million per year.
  • 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+ and state family rejection on the basis of their LGBTQ+ identity as the #1 contributing factor to homelessness.
  • Within 48 hours of leaving home, 30% of youth will be recruited for human trafficking.
  • 35% of youth who experience homelessness were formerly in the foster care system.
  • Youth facing homelessness are 3x more likely to attempt suicide, 4x more likely to contract STI’s, and 10x more likely to drop out of school than their stably housed peers.

The time is now. The cause is just. TGTHR we can create a community where every young person is valued, empowered, and safe.


1. Register to Sleep Out – It’s FREE!

  • Register to join over 100 people for the main Sleep Out event in downtown Boulder, CO. Stay tuned for the 2024 registration.
  • Or plan to participate virtually at another location of your choice.  
  • Sleep Out on your own, or invite friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors to join! The more people that join, the more awareness we spread!

2. Fundraise & Spread Awareness

  • Once you’ve registered you will receive information on how to customize your own fundraising page. Start by creating an account, then set a fundraising goal, update the message with a personal story of why you’re Sleeping Out, then share with your network to start raising funds! 
  • By sharing your page and your story with your network, you are also helping to spread awareness of youth homelessness.
  • Don’t be discouraged if this is your first time fundraising. Even if you’re able to inspire 10 people to donate $50, that provides the funds to furnish a first apartment for a youth ($500). No amount is too small and all will make an impactful difference!


  • On the night of Sleep Out, all registered sleepers will gather for dinner and a program before nestling into our sleeping bags to spend the night outside on a sectioned-off lawn in downtown Boulder.
  • The next morning, breakfast will be served as sleepers wake up at their leisure and pack up their things before heading off to start their day.
  • Sleepers are encouraged to treat the following day as an average Friday, like unhoused people do after spending a night outside.


  • Can’t join in person? Plan a virtual Sleep Out at a location and time of your choice — we’ll help with the details!
  • Staff will send you a video, discussion prompts, and a suggested timeline, but you get to make it your own.

TGTHR we can end youth homelessness in our lifetime.


Sleep Out sponsorship is a great way to partner with TGTHR, that benefits both young people and your business. Please get in touch with us at to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

sleeper toolkit

Our Sleeper Toolkit has all the resources you need to meet your fundraising goal. With sample messaging, social media graphics, and tutorial videos, you’ll have everything you need for a successful Sleep Out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you register you will receive an email with information on setting up your fundraising page.
  • TGTHR has provided templated messaging but you can customize your page to make it personal and share why you are Sleeping Out.
  • You also can add items found in your Sleeper Toolkit here.
  • Once your fundraising page has been created, you will be able to set a fundraising goal and then share with your network to start raising!

IN-PERSON: On the night of Sleep Out, all registered sleepers will gather for dinner and a program, before heading outside in downtown Boulder to Sleep Out. We will share a detailed timeline with registered sleepers.

VIRTUAL: Your virtual Sleep Out can look however you want. We suggest the following timeline:

  • Not necessarily. If you would like to participate, but do not feel comfortable sleeping out, you can still join in the fundraising piece, as well as join us for dinner and the program before people Sleep Out. Create your fundraising page and share with your network to raise critical funds to support TGTHR’s programs.
  • We suggest bringing the following items for your night outdoors:
    • A Sleeping bag (winter temperate-grade is preferred)
    • Sleeping pad
    • Waterproof barrier (tarp or other similar material)
    • Pillow
    • Winter headgear (beanie, hat, earmuffs, face covering)
    • Winter jacket, rain jacket
    • Earplugs or earphones
    • Sleeping eye mask or face covering
    • Winter gloves or mittens
    • Well insulated clothing (base layers with waterproof outer layers)
    • Warm socks
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Small flashlight
    • Personal snacks
  • Safety is our first and foremost concern, whether it is for the young people we serve or for our larger community. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure you are safe if you decide to Sleep Out with us in-person. This includes overnight security and indoor facilities to use if necessary.
  • If doing a virtual Sleep Out, we recommend that you pick a location that is safe and legal. This could include your backyard, floor in your living room, another friend’s house, or a location you have permission to be at.
  • At TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes), we are building a movement that galvanizes communities, empowers young people, and puts an end to youth homelessness. We won’t stop until every young person is valued, empowered and safe.
  • TGTHR is a social movement and non-profit working with courageous communities across the country to end youth homelessness. For youth between the ages of 12-24 we provide employment assistance, education programs, supportive housing, short-term housing, long-term housing navigation, support and inclusivity groups, family coaching services, life-skills development, mental and physical wellness support, and an array of individual and group activities.
  • TGTHR operates five main programs including Chase House, The Source, 1440 Pine, Transitional Living Programs, and Street Outreach. You can learn more about each of these programs HERE.
  • All funds raised will be used to directly support TGTHR’s general operating fund, which ensures our critical programs operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • $50 can provide a youth with recreation and socialization opportunities with peers
    • $100 can provide an hour of life-skills courses, like cooking and budgeting
    • $250 can support a youth as they prepare for their first job interview
    • $500 can furnish a first apartment for a youth
    • $1,000 can provide a youth with 20 hours of counseling, including family coaching


In 2022 TGTHR:
  • Served a total of 247 young people through our six programs. These young people were able to access meals, clothing, safe shelter, counseling, physical and mental healthcare, employment and education support, support groups, housing navigation support, and more.
  • Housed 82 young people through TGTHR’s housing programs, and assisted an additional 30 young people in successfully transitioning to stable housing outside of TGTHR.
  • Helped 147 young people gain employment or enroll in an educational program.
  • Provided family counseling to 67 families.
  • Distributed 13,177 meals to young people.
  • Connected with young people 274 times through our Street Outreach program and helped guide 24 young people into additional TGTHR programs.


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