Meet Markus (he/him/his)

Markus was asked to leave his home in Salt Lake City at age 17 when his family discovered he was gay through a social media post. Because of being outed on social media, he experienced bullying and discrimination at school and in his usual social … Read more


Meet Melanie (she/her/hers)

TGTHR’s street outreach staff and volunteers met Melanie and her family on the street. Although her mom had a job, their family didn’t have enough money to afford their own place. They didn’t have a home. Melanie’s mom brought her to TGTHR, so that she … Read more


Meet David (he/him/his)

In late 2010, when TGTHR’s youth shelter opened, David was one of our first residents. He came to our shelter on New Year’s Eve, after running away to avoid being put into foster care. He stayed with us for two months until he turned 18. … Read more


Back to School at TGTHR

Much like any family with school-age youth, as soon as August arrives, our focus turns to Back to School. This is an exciting time for students as they head back to class, eager to share fun summer stories and see friends they haven’t seen in … Read more


Meet Marianna (she/her/hers)

When Marianna came to The Source, we already knew about her home situation since her older brother had used our services before. Her parents, suffering from extreme financial distress with 3 additional school-aged children, claimed they could no longer afford to care for her. At … Read more


Meet Kerri (she/her/hers)

Kerri had a difficult childhood because of her family circumstances. When Kerri came to TGTHR, she had been sober for almost a year and had graduated high school. Her goal was to go to college and get a job, and TGTHR was her first “community … Read more

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